The Risks Of Boating Without A License

Operating a boat in without an official Pleasure Craft Operator Card, or PCOC license will end in a minimum $250 fine if you are caught doing so. Given the reasons for the institution of this law, there is the little good reason for somebody to avoid obtaining this certification.

The idea of the boat license is to prove basic competency while operating a powered watercraft. By studying for and passing the test you study how to assuredly operate a boat in a way that is responsible, safe and environmentally friendly. If you like to drive a boat without obtaining your operator card then you are placing at risk the boating safety of others, yourself and your expensive investment.

Operating anything large, heavy and that can drive at high speeds requires knowledge and responsibility. Logically someone driving a two-ton speedboat at one hundred miles an hour should be at the very least minimally educated. Prior to 2009, primarily anyone could legally operate a boat and the result was that hundreds of people died each year, and the highest percentage of boater deaths were assigned to boat captains with no formal training.You can also know about Sydney Boat Licence Course by browsing online.

A powered watercraft is any water vessel that it equipped with any motor. Therefore if your boat has a motor, despite horsepower, and the motor is connected to the boat in any way, despite if it’s in use, it is classified as a powered watercraft.

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