Spectacular Cebu: The Festival, Adventure and Islands

The province of Cebu is one of those idyllic place for tropical getaways. It is located in the Visayas, and offers a bit of everything. The place is rich with natural beauty and historical sites that will unleash the history buff and nature love in you. We will give you a list of fantastic things to do in Cebu and to visit:

Whale Sharks Kawasan Falls package

One of the biggest, but also controversial tourist package on the island. You can guarantee that you’ll see whale sharks because of the locals feeding them. It actually complementarily help both, and you can research about that. After you’re done with the Whale Sharks, you can proceed with the Kawasan Falls which is quite far away from Oslob but the travel is just worth the wait. You’ll be amazed by its cascades of water that truly gives an amazing impression to all the people that visits the place.

Sinulog Festival

This is the biggest festival in Cebu, and can also be considered as the biggest in country. The origin can be traced when the Spanish arrived and brought the image of the Holy Child Jesus or the Santo Nino as gift in 1521 by Magellan to the Cebuanos. During the festival, you will see a lot of colorful street dancers each having their own “festival queen” who dances and holds the Santo Nino.

Sumilon Island

You will see this island near the interaction area of the Whale Sharks. You can actually do visit this island after you’re done with the Whale Shark watching. It is a resort that which allows you to swim with its sand bar, use some resort facilities, kayaking, and have a buffet lunch. The Bluewater Resort has a lot of magnificent rooms where you can stay at, including some villas with splash pools. If you’re done with beach bumming, you can soak yourself in their infinity pool.

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