Activities on Anzac Day In Australia


Every one visiting the Hellfire Pass in April must stay till the 25th of the month for Anzac Day. The residents of this region celebrate this annual event to honor the suffering of the prisoners of World War II and respect those who died for the freedom from Japanese occupation. Below is a list of activities you can take part in, on this day.

1. Hellfire Pass Memorial Service

One of the services is held at the Hellfire Pass. It starts at 5:30am sharp and lasts for about 40 minutes.  A lot of people visit this service to pay their respects. They walk down the track to the Konya cutting that the laborers dug with shovels and picks only. Although the service is brief, it is very moving and emotional. You can also visit the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum after the service. There are complimentary refreshments for everyone over there. If you are planning to stay a hotel near Hellfire Pass also check for cheap minivan service they might offer for this event.

2. The Wreath Laying Ceremony & Memorial Service

This second service takes place in city near the Allied war graveyard. You get a chance to listen to speeches from some dignitaries and some true stories from the survivors. These speeches are short, but eye-opening.  The service usually lasts for an hour. Shade sitting area and water is provided, but it is advisable to carry your own essentials to cope with the hot and humid conditions. When the service is over, everyone is also offered a complementary BBQ lunch.

Therefore, visit the Hellfire Pass on Anzac Day 2018 for a great experience.

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