Tips On How To Choose A Towing ATV Winch

An all-terrain vehicle as the name suggests is for all kinds of terrains like dessert, mountains sand and can also be used on snow. If you have an ATV it is essential to have a winch with you at all times. A winch can easily be used to pull an ATV if it gets stuck. Some of the things that you should consider while selecting a winch for your ATV include:

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1. Line Pull

One of the essential factors you should check while selecting a winch for your ATV is the line pull. It shows the amount of weight the winch can easily pull. So make sure to select a winch that can pull weight equal to that of your ATV or more. Professionals recommend selecting a winch that pulls 1.5 times the weight of the ATV.

2. Type Of Motor

Another essential feature that you should look out for in a winch is a motor. The kind of motor used determines its weakness or strength. A good quality motor works fine even in harsh conditions. But make sure that you do not use the winch for carrying more weight than recommended in instructions.

3. Material Of The Cable Or Rope

Most winches come with cables or ropes which are made from steel or a synthetic material. While selecting a towing winch you must consider the kind of projects you would be usingit for and the kind of rope that will be required for such projects. Steel cables are sturdier and stronger than synthetic ropes but cannot carry heavy materials.

You can also ask professionals for help while selecting electric cable pulling winch for towing you ATV.

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