Frame Relay vs VPN

Searching for bandwidth is a frustrating task even in the best of scenarios, There are lots to consider in order to make the perfect choice for your needs. Below you will find some help when evaluating Frame Relay vs VPN. Factors covered include Technology, Speed, Description, Application, Pros, Cons, and Prices.

Technology: Frame Relay

Speed: 56 Kbps – 1.544 Mbps

Description: A high-speed, packet-based, data transmission service used in wide area networks (WANs) to connect multiple locations.

Application: Used to connect multiple locations to a primary place or to each other.

Pros: a Cheaper alternative to private line connections. Ability to burst when required. Widely available.

Disadvantages: Up-front equipment cost can be prohibitive.

Prices: Frame relay monthly price begins at about a couple $100 per place for a secure, reliable system. Price climbs as rate increases. However…the pricing for these connections varies widely depending on the carrier, location of service and the application for which the connection is being used.¬†Form China Relay manufacturers select high-quality Relay products at best price.

Technology: VPN

Speed: 56 Kbps – 1.544 Mbps

Description: VPN is a software-defined system that runs over a shared public network and provides the look, performance, and usefulness of a dedicated private network, at cost savings.

Program: A highly flexible way of communicating between locations using a secure tunnel on a large public network. Has become an increasingly popular alternative to Frame Relay and Private Line.

Pros: A user may access the network from any Internet connection. VPNs often cost less and are more scalable and flexible than competing technologies.

Disadvantages: The availability and performance of a corporation’s WAN is largely determined by factors outside of their control.

Prices: VPN prices mirror that of dial-up or dedicated Web accessibility. Price of the VPN tunneling and encrypting is minimal. Expect to spend a few $100 at least for a secure, reliable system.

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