Are these the best Online Video Downloaders in 2018

As more and more people crave for ways and means to watch videos on the go, not everyone can afford the use of always-on, G4 network that allows them to watch movies and videos on the go. For that reason, I have compiled some of the best online video downloaders which can allow users to convert videos to MP4, download and save to their computer which they can always go back to and watch in their spare times. has two ways to download online videos. The first is to get the URL of the video which you want to download, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo etc, past it in the field on the site and the app will convert the video and allow you to save on your PC. The 2nd is a browser plug-in that lets you begin a download with one click. Both of them are intuitive to use and might start a download as little as one click. SaveVideoClip allows you to choose which resolution of a movie you wish to download.  

Just like the above, only focuses on YouTube Videos downloads alone. This platform works similarly to the above converter, however, it also provides the ability to convert videos to MP3 which is also cool and easy to use. You may select a video in high or normal definition based on what you think you do with the movie after it's on your pc. This program also allows you to download just the audio of an on-line video as already mentioned. This is useful if you are downloading content like music videos. Once you have the mp4 or mp3 file on your pc, you can listen to it at your own convenience. This program also includes a video format converter that permits you to change the data format of the videos you download. also lets you grab video clips from all the major social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Twitter, Vimeo, VK and many more. does not offer the option to select which video platform you are downloading from, however, all you need to do is enter the video URL link and the app will automatically detect which social media platform the link is from and right away the download buttons will be available in few milliseconds. Over here you have options to select which video quality you want to download.

So here are some of the best online downloaders I have tested. What do you think, are there any other downloaders out there?

Ways To Buy Youtube Views Cheap Online

There are quite a few ways of going ahead and buying YouTube views cheap however you should not compromise on quality of views that you should be getting in an effort to get something at a discount or at lower prices. The best way would be to get a list of sellers of YouTube views and stipulate your requirement of going for high retention and real YouTube views so that you can reduce your list of sellers to a few genuine ones who you can then compare against various criteria including price.

This would enable you to not compromise on quality of views that you would end up getting as you will be only dealing with reliable and established sellers of YouTube views. It is always a good idea to start small instead of trying to get large numbers of views at the same time.

So, look for those sellers who can offer YouTube views over a period of time or like it is commonly known in the SEO world, a drip-feeding system that would deliver certain numbers of views each day or week depending upon how you would like to develop your authority. You should therefore weigh your options and proceed carefully to buy youtube views cheap from reliable and reputed sellers online.