A Comparison of Salehoo and Worldwide Brands

I'm not going to make this post yet another Worldwide Brands review – instead this will be a comparison of WWB and it's main competitor, Salehoo, and I'm going to talk about both the similarities and differences.

Worldwide Brands is a directory of over 8,000 certified wholesalers, drop shippers and manufacturers – and from them about 16 million products are available to buy at low prices.  Membership costs nearly $300 and that includes access to the directory, forums, support and an effective market research tool.  There's only this one fee for membership – there are no hidden costs, recurring or annual fees.

Salehoo is very similar – it's a directory of about the same number of certified suppliers, and comes with the same sort of extras – forums, tutorials, support and research tools.

There are two key differences though between Salehoo and Worldwide Brands.  First of all the number of products available in each directory is very different – Worldwide Brands lists about 16 million products and Salehoo has only 2.5 million.  Secondly, Worldwide Brands starts off being by far the most expensive at $299, but as that's a one off fee and there are no annual payments, it works out to be cheaper than Salehoo after a few years.  This is because Salehoo charges $67 for every year that you're a member, and Worldwide Brands has just one simple payment for unlimited lifetime membership

Worldwide Brands – Good or a Scam?

This is not the first worldwide brands review I've written, but I'm often asked questions like 'is Worldwide Brands worth joining?' and even 'is Worldwide Brands a scam?' so I want to write a quick post on what WWB is and what the benefits of membership are.

The Worldwide Brands Directory

WWB is a directory of suppliers – thousands of them with many millions of products available to search through.  All of the suppliers are fully verified and guaranteed to be reliable and reputable.

Membership costs $299 but there are some discounts available – on Black Friday, for example, there is usually $50 off the regualr price.  There's an ongoing $30 discount as well that some sites link to.

WWB is the only directory that eBay has fully certified as a partner, and it's also the only directory with more than 10 million products listed at wholesale prices.

Worldwide Brands lists both dropshippers and wholesalers, and a few large scale manufacturers as well.

Why Join Though?

Using a directory like Worldwide Brands – or even smaller alternatives like Salehoo – makes it very easy to find legitimate suppliers for virtually any products, all on one place – that saves a lot of time.

As they are all fully checked before being listed, using a directory takes the risk out of trading with new suppliers too – which can save you a lot of time and money.