The Extra Costs of Outdoor Weddings

An Overview of 3 Special Expenses Associated with an Outdoor Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding? It certainly is a special way of celebrating the most memorable day of life. However you should be aware that outdoor weddings come with extra expenses. In this article we will take a look at what those costs are so that you can make an informed decision while planning your wedding. 

Expenses Associated with an Outdoor Wedding

outdoor wedding venueApart from the usual expenses related to a wedding, there are some special expenses which you need to focus on if an outdoor wedding venue has been selected. Let us look at what those expenses are.

Weather Uncertainties

Unforeseen weather, such a heat wave or rain, can play spoilsport during your wedding. This is a particularly serious concern when you are booking an outdoor wedding venue. Open panel draping tents can be an exciting option for your wedding but that will not protect your guests in case a downpour starts. 

During the planning stage you will have to consider the weather conditions expected at the time of your wedding so that a backup plan can be created for weather uncertainties. If you do foresee a likelihood of rain then it will become necessary to spend a higher amount and book a covered tent to protect guests, as well as your wedding ceremony, from getting wet.

If these concerns are addressed at the planning stage then you will avoid an extra surcharge for short notice.

Sound and Music

Another important factor to be considered when an outdoor wedding venue is booked relates to use of sound and music during the occasion.

You will have additional expenses to ensure your guests are able to clearly hear the music you are playing as well as your vows. In an outdoor setting, guests will find it very hard to hear the proceedings of the ceremony if a proper sound system has not been set up at the outdoor wedding venue.

Similarly, when you are walking down the aisle and musicians are playing your favorite music, it should be loud enough so that guests can hear it. Thus, it will be necessary to amplify the music to required level.

It will be necessary to discuss this issue with your wedding organizer so that necessary arrangements can be made even it means some extra expenditure.


An outdoor wedding may come with the cost of extra usage fees and permits, specifically tent permits. On top of that, it may be necessary to get an inspection done by the fire department to ensure safety measures are in place for the outdoor wedding. 

You will have to check whether these permits and inspections will be necessary at the outdoor wedding venue you are planning to book and take required steps as necessary.

In Conclusion

As we can see, an outdoor wedding is certainly an exciting proposition, but you have to keep in mind that there will be extra expenditures that you will have to bear.