Travel Guide to the Amazing City of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, the fifth largest city of Thailand that’s famed for its lush green lawns, glorious mountains, and breathtaking appearing Peninsula. Located on a wondrous plain in the elevation of 316 m, it’s more green and tranquil than the capital of Thailand.


Since the area of Chiang Mai is filled with hills, the weather experienced by it’s distinct from the weather in different parts of Thailand. The wintry season normally lasts from the end of October to the late night of September.

Museums and Temples

Chiang Mai has a rich legacy concerning its history and spiritual affairs. Chiang Mai National Museum, University Art Museum, and Postal Museum would be the ideal incarnations of Chiang Mai’s love for the history. Visiting these historical places is one of the first priority of everyone who wishes to planĀ Chiangmai Global Tour.


Chang Mai blossoms festival is held on a yearly basis on the first weekend of February. The sparkling and vibrant colors which get displayed at the time are just unparalleled. For flower fans, it’s the very best location for you because Royal Exposition is just another festival held to flaunt a broad assortment of orchids into the tourists.

Tasks and Nightlife

If you would like to enhance your Thai culinary abilities then it’s the best location for this. You might even learn the habitual Thai palpation along with the several activities of swimming pool, golf, motorcycling, fishing, rafting, rock climbing and a lot more.


If you’re in Chiang Mai, then choose to eat classic Thai meals. Khao soi, yellow wheat noodles in curry using kai or neua or fish should be your priority. All types of meals are offered on all sorts of the budget.