Beginners guide to beef cut

There are different cuts of beef and each cut has a different flavor. This is the main reason that each cut is used for a specific type of food. There are some cuts that take very less time to cook while there are other cuts that take a lot more time to cook. These can be ordered from any organic meat delivery Sydney shop.

Courtesy: kathleenssugarandspice

Below are some basic cuts that are frequently used for cooking:

  1. Chuck & Blade

This cut is also called as braising steak. It is one of the most tender cuts due to which it is frequently used in recipes where the meat is not entirely cooked much like stews, to braise and in casseroles.

  1. Fore Rib

It is often sold as French trimmed, on the bone or as boned and rolled. This cut consists of a good amount of meat and also has a decent layer of fat that makes this cut ideal for roasts and to barbecue. 

  1. Sirloin

This cut is often sold as boned and rolled. This is one of the basic cuts and usually used to make roasts. It can also be used to make steaks, but for this it is sold in the form of T-bone. It is considered perfect for frying, grilling and barbecuing.

  1. Brisket

Similar to most cuts a brisket is sold as boned and rolled and sometimes salted too. It is considered the perfect cut for slow cooking. It is used to make corned beef and lean mince.

These are some basic cuts that you can easily get from grocery shop or from online meat shops.