Your Routine Back Massage May be Causing Your Back Pain

The truth can be ugly, sometimes intriguing. Shield Clinic specializes in massage therapy  and in our Newcastle Clinic we've been among the greatest exponents of massage therapy to help alleviate back pain, but it does not always go to plan. We see tons of people who have been for plenty of messages everywhere and the same narrative keeps cropping up;

Your Routine Back Massage May be Causing Your Back Pain

"I had a message but after a few days after, my problems were back"

Sound familiar? There's a simple reason for this, so simple you'll have one of those 'A-HA' moments!

Pain is one of the poorest indexes of where a problem is. Among the most common areas to feel pain from a heart attack is on the left arm – but it certainly is not an arm issue! And frequently, back pain is really not a back issue. Plenty of the time back pain is 'referred' (coming from a different place). And this is why….in a timeline format;

Your bad habits will instruct your body to maintain a terrible position (poor posture)

This poor posture will cause some muscles to become shortened, other to become lengthened.

Your spine will start to look more like Quasimodo back

This is because the muscles around the back have become stretched whilst the muscle son front have become tighter

When you loosen the stretches muscles n your spine they get even looser, employing the terrible posture

You may release some strain with that message but will cause more of a curved spine.