Tips for Selecting Vegan Grocery Products

If you’re looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle, you’ll need to alter your entire food cycle. To know where to start off, we went through every precaution to give you a brief guide on how you can avail your desired produce and to know about its legitimacy:

Courtesy: upbeetfoods

  • Find Yourself a Farm/Farmer’s Market:

You must think of trying out products from farmer’s markets since food that is organic in nature and is produced locally is much ideal and trustworthy than supermarket food, the sources of which are unknown. You can consult friends and colleagues to get proper guidance on the matter.

  • Curiosity does Not Necessarily Kill the Cat:

If a product raises your concern on its authenticity, do not feel hesitant to ask questions about whether it’s organic, grown by organic methods or has been grown locally. You have all the right to know if your money is going where you intend it to go.

  • Keep a Keen Eye on Labels:

You may notice packaged food to have organic seals that are stamped for certification. Fruits and vegetables, however, have stickers with a PLU code on them which can tell how they’re produced:

5-digit code beginning with 9: Organic

4-digit code beginning with 3 or 4: Conventional

5-digit code beginning with 8: Genetically-modified

  • Know your Budget:

Organic food ranges in budget in terms of seasonal, bulk and split produce. Unseasonal produce gets costly. Also, if you consider buying a merge of organic and conventional produce, you may actually notice the economic difference when some money is saved.

  • Have Balance:

Although organic produce is ideal, it is not easily accessible. That does not mean you should drop the idea of eating healthy. Improvise; organic/inorganic plant-based produce benefits all!

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