Ragdoll Kittens For Sale And Details About The Breed

People like to have pet animals and the most common choice for them are dogs because of their popularity and characteristics. Though other individuals prefer cats instead as their pets for similar reasons although their personality is usually different. If you want to have a cat but like the behaviors of a dog then choose a Ragdoll breed.

This breed is known for their affectionate nature and placid and docile temperament as well as their tendency in following people around. If you want one then look for Ragdoll kittens for sale Tennessee area has or in other places near you instead. Although there are some advantages also in buying an adult cat than a younger one.

These cats have bright blue eyes and silky fur just like a rabbit which sheds very little thought their coats are very long and need constant grooming. They are called as such due to their tendency in going limp when picking them up just like a rag doll. Unlike most cat breeds, they love being cuddled and held and among the most affectionate ones.

This is a large breed with males weighing up to twenty pounds while the females might weigh until fifteen pounds. Though their size and weight does not stop them to look for affection from their owners by letting themselves be carried around. Doing this could also become your workout and can develop your muscles because of their heaviness.

They are usually known to have striking blue eyes though others have gold or blue green ones which depends on their pattern. All kittens are born with blue eyes though some would deepen as they grow older. Many variations are there but they generally have a lighter body with darker ears, tail, legs and face with four possible patterns.

Most cats prefer exploring and causing mischief but Ragdolls are different since their preference is being by your side. The sound of water running intrigues them and they come running when turning on tap, bath or shower. There are several myths surrounding them such as being impervious to pain, fearless, products of genetic modification and an alien hybrid.

Their docile personalities are the reason for them to be the perfect breed to own by families with children. They get along well also with other breeds of cats and dogs that are friendly with feline animals. Some people are even calling them puppy cats because of their preference in following people around and playing fetch even.

The disadvantages of having older kitten than younger ones include being more mature causing them to have better sociability. They would already know how to properly use a litter box and their eating habits are healthy. They have received all vaccines and were dewormed several times making their immune system more developed for easier adjustment in a new home.

Their physical attributes are well defined such as their boning, color and coat. Most of the older ones have the ability also to retreat from threatening situations like an overactive dog or another dominant cat. If you prefer younger kittens, supervise them when playing with your children.