Review Mitchell Guitars MD400 and MS400

Whether you are a firsttime guitar client or a professional using G.A.S. and a restricted budget, there has never been a better time to be on the market for a cheap new guitar compared to current.
As soon as it’s been fairly easy to discover a fantastic electrical solidbody with basic attributes and over typical playability from the sub $500 range for the past 10 or 15 decades, the majority of these tools featured hardware, electronics and substances that put them at the entry level class, which makes them useful only as temporary alternatives before required updates.
Lately the gap between entry level and specialist guitars has come to be a whole lot thinner, as have the options at the sub $500 range. When we looked in Mitchell’s HD400 and TD400 versions a Couple of issues ago , we loved how the two versions provided quality, playability and modern, custom design aesthetics generally only found on devices costing twice to four times longer. Both of these models featured bolton necks, which we guessed assisted Mitchell keep building costs at a minimum, but when they afterwards sent us their MD400 and MS400 versions, which both feature glued setin necks, we were thrilled to find that the total quality and cost stayed the same.
The MD400 and MS400 also boast contemporary layouts usually not located in this budget, together with upscale appointments and details which highlight performance over the normal costcutting measures.
The MD400 includes an asymmetrical “Strat”style double cutaway body, but using more shapes and an arched top, the above setin neck, along with a double pickup configuration. Nonetheless, this isn’t the typical “super strat” because it also offers a three 3 tuner configuration on the headstock, a slender, smooth contour in which the setin neck joins the body, and a body and neck made from mahogany.
Our instance had the transparent forest green end with AAA quilted maple veneer high also featured together with all the transparent purple and organic end variations, although the black and translucent ocean blue end versions possess a carved mahogany top. The body top and Indian rosewood fretboard are jumped together with fivelayer binding. The neck supplies 24 tall/narrow medium jumbo frets (marginally larger than “classic” frets), a 251/2inch scale, 153/4inch radius, and shallow “C” profile, and also the rear of the neck features a gloss finish that matches the entire body.
The MD400’s electronics include an alnico V minihumbucker with double rail polepieces in the trunk, a fullsize alnico V humbucker plus with dual railing polepieces in the bridge, individual volume controls for each pickup, a master tone control with pull coil tap function along with a threeposition blade pickup selector switch.
The MS400 includes a contemporary singlecutaway layout, and such as the MD400 it also includes a mahogany body and mahogany setin neck with Indian rosewood fretboard. Upscale particulars and updates include flame maple binding enclosing the arched upper and fretboard, comfy belly and cutaway shapes, slender neck heels and custom double “slit” fretboard inlays.
In the next one picks up the MD400 or even MS400, it is evident that caliber was the key concern of its own construction. Every guitar has been set up to perform perfectly from the box, requiring at most a very simple truss rod adjustment to correct for climate. The end, binding, shape curves, fret work and much more are just magnificent, but what is even more striking are the “small” details, such as the way in which the pit for your output jack is tilted to maintain the cable from the participant’s manner or the way the MS400’s controller knobs are shining for enjoying comfort.
The pickups also provide their own distinct character, using a voicelike midsize, tight bass and tonal versatility as a result of the coiltap function.
* Both of the MD400 and MS400 contain setin necks and bodies made from mahogany, Indian rosewood fretboards, and stringthrubody layout.
* The MD400 has an alnico V minihumbucker with double rail polepieces in the neck along with a fullsize alnico V humbucker with double rail polepieces in the bridge. Visit best electric guitar for beginners if you’re interested in what electric guitar to get.
* The MS400 includes a set of fullsize alnico V humbuckers with vulnerable zebra coil bobbins.
* Both provide upscale details such as coil tapping, a table and recessed output jack, fancy fretboard and body binding, and proquality hardware and electronics.
If you enjoy the characteristics, playability and style of a highend custom made solidbody but possess an entrylevel budget, then the Mitchell MD400 and MS400 provide unbeatable value for a proquality ax that will last a lifetime.