Fighting Trademark Infringement Using a Good Advocate in HSR Layout

If you are facing trademark problems with a competitor who is using your business name illegally, then you can easily stop him from doing that. You can drag him to court and sue him as well. But, you cannot do all that without the help of an advocate. If you are staying in HSR layout, go looking for an advocate in HSR layout who specialises in trademark infringement.

The first thing that you have to do is to scare your competitor by sending him an email through your advocate. This tactic would be enough to scare him and he may stop using your business name illegally. If this doesn’t scare him, then ask your lawyer to call him and explain the repercussions of using your business name. Even if this doesn’t scare him, then meet him in person with your lawyer accompanying you. 90% of the time, doing all of this would definitely get your competitor to withdraw and change his business name.

However, there are some unruly who may be more gutsy than you think. For such kind of people, you can go to the next level and send him a legal notice. Even if the notice doesn’t deter him, then you can go to trial and seek justice from the court using a good advocate in HSR layout