Celebrities who share the same names

Do you remember back in school how confusing it was when two students had the same name? The teacher would usually assign a nickname to differentiate the one from the other.

This happens often in Hollywood. With no teacher to assign nicknames, there are plenty of opportunities for getting the latest celebrity gossip completely wrong by mixing up the names.

Here are a couple of examples.

1. Roger Taylor

In addition to sharing their musical mastery, the “Queen” and “Duran Duran” drummers also share the same name. How’s that for coincidence?

2. Randy Jackson

How many old-school music fans initially thought Michael Jackson’s little brother would be a judge on the American Idol show? Although the youngest Jackson boy’s real name is Steven Randall Jackson, fans first got to know him as “Little Randy”. With the AI judge’s incredible weight loss he became quite little himself while on the show! You can, too, with Wise Jug.

3. Jason Alexander

Just imagine the Seinfeld actor being married to Britney Spears for 55 hours. Back in 2004 he wasn’t a bad catch, but just not Britney’s type in the young, hot, and looks department.

4. Michelle Williams

Both are talented, beautiful, and born in the same year. One is an A-list actress and mother of Heath Ledger’s child while the other is member of the very successful “Destiny’s Child”.

When was the last time you did a Google search on your own name? You may be surprised that somewhere in some town for some reason, you’re already famous.

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