Improve Your Business English

No matter your profession and whatever company you work for at present, sooner or later you will realize that only those men and women who can run and take part in meetings, make presentations, solve problems and negotiate in English will endure and triumph.

Even if your company doesn’t now use English as its language of communication, all that’s required is for another multinational to buy out your company and all this can change during the night. How would you feel? Would you be prepared to abruptly switch to English as the day to day language of business for emails and reports?

Imagine if your company suddenly decides that they really should concentrate on exports? Up until now maybe you’ve just been responsible for sales in your house market, but suddenly you’re wanting to lead a sales effort with overseas customers, and everything has to be in English! Certainly, it would be a great strategy to stay ahead of the game and begin to get ready for this possibility at this time.

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There are tons of cheap and simple things which you can do to improve your English language skills instantly. I wish to tell you these right now so that you can begin to get ready to work in English in this ever-growing international market. Even if you don’t believe you Want to improve your business English skills, your line manager or HR Manager will adore you for sharing these tips together:

1 Make friends with a native speaking English person – There will always be at least one native UK, US or Australian English speaker living in any one city in pretty much every country on the planet. They are a newly employed young intern or perhaps a work placement student. They’ll be feeling a bit lonely and will not have much cash to spend on entertainment and food. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers, somebody will understand a native English speaker that lives locally!

Two-Start an English speaking lunch or breakfast bar –Why not get together with other colleagues from the company before work in the morning or during your lunch break and all agree to talk in English only the entire time. Maybe one of you could earn some authentic English language reading texts, likely from magazines or newspapers.

Maybe even invite your new English speaking friend and a special guest one time. Just by talking together in English you’ll all become more fluent and will learn a new language whilst activating the passive vocabulary which you already know.

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