The Effects of Social Media Marketing on Tourism


Lebanon's place is ranked 170th in the world (CIA, 2014). It's smaller than the size of Connecticut, among the smallest countries in America. Additionally, Lebanon is one of the few democratic states in the Middle East area. Regarding its market, Lebanon is a free market economy and has a lengthy tradition of laissez-faire economics. If you are looking for more information about Social Media Marketing you may lead here

The Effects of Social Media Marketing on Tourism

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Along with its coastal location on the Eastern Mediterranean shore, Lebanon is considered as the central’ window' of the Middle East into Europe, North Africa, and the rest of the world.

As a result of this, its market has gone through some very prosperous times and was once referred to as the Paris' of the Middle East prior to the country's 15 year-long bloody civil war that ended in 1990.

Additionally, although Lebanon is tiny, it's also among the most diverse nations on earth. Christians, Muslims, Druze, and other minority sects are spread all across the little nation as well as Lebanon's political system is based on sectarian power-sharing.

But this diversity had played a pivotal role in the country's problems. This diversity was an essential state of the country's sectarian civil war and now has a significant role in its political paralysis, although other factors (mostly foreign) are to blame also.

Additional Lebanon's proximity to Israel has made it a foreign policy/proxy battleground for foreign countries, each using Lebanon for its own selfish ends.

The unhappy political realities of this country have significantly hurt the nation's economy. Additionally, since Lebanon is a service-based market, this specific sector has taken the most significant hit. 

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