The Basic Concepts of Video Editing

Are you on to video editing but just doesn’t know where to start? Well, I have here the most basic concept for you to gain an idea about video editing. Once you have all your equipments ready let us now go to the concepts you will need to know so that you can use the equipment properly.

video downloaderFirst off is the video capture. You will now need to transfer all the footages you have from your camera and place it on your computer hard drive. But on editing using some video editing software or even video downloader, you might only be required to edit a 2-gigabyte footage at a time. So if you have a 10 gigabyte file, then it would be much easier if you could divide this into five smaller files or even into 10. This way, it will be easy for you to manage the whole film. But this would really depend on how long your footage is going to be.

Another easy way of having your files on your computer is when you use known software like the Adobe Premiere to have the footage divided manually or the DVGate Motion that has the ability to automatically scan your camera record and identifies the end and the beginning of your every shot and have it brought all in, then it will have each shots on different file after the process.

Next concept for video editing is the MOV file and the AVI files. When using a PC the capture process will have your file in AVI or MOV if you are using Mac. The MOV and the AVI files will have our footage frame by frame and will have the max resolution according to your camera’s capability. This means that the file will be huge. 1 hour footage will be consuming 1 gigabyte of your disc space. You will need a lot of space if your footage is very long.

The next is the shots. After having the whole footage on your computer, you will now have to select the part that you will be using on your final video. You may want to have a three minutes of a raw footage that has 3 angles, but on the final video you will only be using 20 seconds of that footage.

Then finally, the time line. This is now where you are going to have all your shots arranged in chronological order. This would depend on how you want your video to flow.

These are now the basic concepts on video editing. If you have these concepts understood, then you won’t have a hard time dealing with your video for editing.

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