The Easiest Way to Improve Meetings

Here are five tips for improving the experience and outcome of meetings   

1. Beware of "Posting Meetings."

Automatic, recurring meetings run the risk of becoming “posting” meetings. If you leave a meeting without any action steps, you should question the value of the meeting. A meeting to “share updates” should actually be a voicemail or an email. Gathering people for no other reason than "it’s Monday!" makes little to no sense, especially when trying to filter through the bloated post-weekend inbox. If you want to improve your meeting results you can consult with bussiness  expert.

2. Finish with a Review of Actions Captured.

At the end of every meeting, go around and review the action steps each person has captured. The exercise takes less than 30 seconds per person, and it almost always reveals a few action steps that were missed. The exercise also breeds a sense of accountability. If you state YOUR action steps in front of YOUR colleagues, then YOU are likely to follow through.

3. Make the Majority of Meetings "Standing" Meetings.

One best practice I’ve observed in the field is “standing meetings” – meetings in which people gather and remain standing. The tendency to sit back and reiterate points dwindles as people get weak in the knees. Standing meetings are, by nature, more actionable. Courtney Holt, the former head of Digital Media at MTV and now the Head of MySpace Music, insists on the value of standing meetings in his team, "I try to make every meeting – especially those that are called last minute – a standing meeting… ideally each meeting finishes as quickly as it can." Most impromptu meetings that are called to catch up on a project or discuss a problem can happen in 10 minutes or less.

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