For RV and Camper Owners it’s time to go Digital

In the world of motorhomes, caravans and TV service the majority of people owning an RV do not have a new vehicle fitted with the very latest tech appliances.

And, considering the advances in Television and Satellite technology over the past several years, pretty much everyone can find an upgrade for their RV.

On most sites, you see RV's that range from 1-2 years old to anywhere between 10-20 years old.  At this time many seem content with what they have as far as equipment and TV service is concerned but, new advancements in TV, aerial and satellite technology means they could be left behind very soon.

The switch over to digital television transmissions shook up the RV TV world.

Cheap digital-to-analog converter boxes were thrown onto the market, so the old analog antenna could still do the job. Analog is limited as we know, and one-by-one channels are slowly disappearing forcing you to look digital. Click here for the latest Caravant TV Antenna technology available in Australia.

What generation of tech is in your RV or camper?

The issue for old vehicles is that the equipment and most importantly the power cabling is built-into the walls and cabinets along with the wiring for the TV's power and the antenna.

It’s the outdated customisation that's your issue. You will need to plan for a proper upgrade in your RV or camper. Start by understanding your wiring, do an inventory of cabling and determine the level of service before you decide what upgrade to make.

Check the following:

TV Antenna location

Check to see where the antenna is located and where the coaxial cable goes inside the vehicle.

Pre-Digital Antennas

If your antenna is pre-digital, then the antenna may have a built-in amplifier circuit.

Digital operates on different frequencies. The old antenna will have the built-in amplifier for the old analog channels, so replacing it will give you a stronger digital channel reception.

Whether you like it or not it's time to get serious about upgrading to digital when you are on the road or face the possibilities of life without television.

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