The Science Behind A Cable Winch

Before understanding the science behind a cable, it is important to know the components that makeup a winch. Read on to find out.

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What is a Winch?

  • Cable Wire: This involves a synthetic wire or a steel cable that is rolled onto a drum so that that it doesn’t get tangled. The cable can vary in length and can be in between 40 feet to 100 feet long.
  • Drum: It has a circular shape, making it easy to roll the wire around it. There is a spool present in the winch with the help of which the drum rotates, rolling or unrolling the wire.
  • Motor: This is the electric component that provides energy to the drum to rotate and wind the wire around itself. However, all winches do not come with a motor.
  • Gear Train: It takes energy from the motor to provide the winch with all the pull it requires to lift heavy items.

All these pieces put together make a winch.

Mechanics Behind A Cable Winch

Cable winches in Australia are observed to pull maximum load while spooling the first layer of the cable onto the drum. A 8000 lb capacity winch can pull up to eight thousand pounds in the first layer that is spooled. This pull can be better understood through the layer concept. As the cable is wrapped onto the drum, the gear ratio of the winch is effectively being changed with the increase in diameter of the winch drum.

Why Carry A Winch?

The main reason to have a winch is because it helps in the recovery of your vehicle should it become stuck in sand or mud. It is spooled out and connected to another vehicle or something solid via its hooks. It is then put into gear via a switch. Once powered, the cable pulls back to wrap around the drum, in the process getting the vehicle unstuck.

There is nothing too complicated regarding the mechanics of the winch. However, the knowledge regarding how it works does help in picking out the right one for your needs.

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